About us

You have made a right choice because

The health of our patients is the priority in choice of appropriate methods of treatment. Large number of manipulations means that even complex procedures become standard. Experience is everything in successful dental treatment.

Our specialists have passed the post-graduate training and constantly being improved.

  • We are able to constantly and consistently evaluate the quality of the manipulations.
  • We use exclusively well-tested materials from leading manufacturers.
  • We offer the comprehensive possibilities of the working hours.

We have responsibly approached the choice of the equipment and any other clinic envy our fit-out.

We do not refuse to provide treatment for people with dental phobia and children with special needs since we have the most extensive experience in treating “in a dream” and the best Anesthesia Station.

We have a modern operating room and all the necessary life support equipment is duplicated.

Odesa, Ukraine
Frantsuz'ky Blvd, 1/3 А
buteeth@ukr.net +38 0482 359-360 +38 063 7-359-360