Cleaning teeth from stone

Where do dental stones come from? Simply put, dental stones is a common plaque, which, reinforced, is solid.

In the oral cavity is constantly formed a large number of bacteria. But if you do not get rid of them in time, they tend to multiply and settle on the teeth, tongue and gums.

Чистка зубов от камня

To prevent the active reproduction of bacteria, it is necessary to observe daily hygiene. Otherwise, soft in its structure bacterial formations eventually become hard, turning, figuratively speaking, into a stone, from which it is subsequently very difficult to get rid of.

Dental stones are often the cause of:

  • bad breath;
  • degradation of natural enamel color;
  • the development and progression of caries;
  • occurrence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Teeth cleaning from plaque can be done in the following ways:

  • mechanical cleaning, but this technique is outdated, as occasionally it can injure the gums;
  • ultrasound is a much more effective and less traumatic method;
  • with a laser – this method is perhaps the most gentle.

High-quality cleaning of teeth from the stone can be made only in the dental office.

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