Professional teeth cleaning

Despite hygiene and normal daily cleaning of teeth, bacteria remain in the oral cavity, as well as plaque in the interdental spaces and subgingival areas. Over time, deposits are formed that contribute to the appearance of stains, discoloration of teeth, the formation of dental caries and the development of various diseases of the teeth and gums.

The best way to avoid this is professional teeth cleaning.

Профессиональная чистка
Профессиональная чистка

Professional teeth cleaning is a complex of dental procedures for the removal of dental deposits in hard-to-reach areas, which allows you to prevent diseases of the oral cavity and preserve not only the beautiful appearance, but also the health of the teeth.

This procedure is recommended every six months for adults and every four to five months for children.

Professional teeth cleaning includes the following dental actions:

  • removal of soft plaque with a specialized brush and professional toothpaste;
  • removal of hard dental deposits (Tartar) from hard-to-reach areas with ultrasonic cleaning using an ultrasonic scaler;
  • polishing the surface of the teeth with polishing rollers;
  • air-flow treatment – natural teeth whitening with aerosol supplied under pressure;
  • strip treatment – cleaning of the side surfaces of the teeth;
  • treatment with fluoride varnish – fluoride saturation of tooth enamel (enamel remineralization).

If you decide to make a professional cleaning of teeth in Odessa, you can contact the dental clinic b’uteeth. High classification of dental specialists, modern equipment, warm attitude to the patient and reasonable prices – all these factors qualitatively distinguish this dentistry from a number of other similar clinics located in Odessa.

If necessary, you can make an appointment or a preliminary consultation with a specialist at a convenient time for you. Professional dentistry, individual approach to each patient and adequate cost of services in the clinic b’uteeth attract not only residents of Odessa, but also residents of other cities of Ukraine.

If you are in Odessa and you need to undergo a dental procedure, please contact the clinic b’uteeth. We are sure you will like it here.

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