Ultrasonic cleaning of teeth

Timely removal of Tartar is necessary not only for the sake of aesthetics and a beautiful smile when communicating. First of all, this dental procedure helps to maintain health and prevent various diseases, followed by the destruction of the structure of the teeth.

Hygiene of the oral cavity and cleaning of teeth at home are not enough to completely remove food residues, pathogenic bacteria and plaque. Subsequently, demineralized and mineralized deposits may appear, contributing to the formation of caries, inflammation of the gums, the development of periodontitis, periodontal disease, etc.

Ультразвуковая чистка зубов

To avoid this, you should contact your dentist and undergo a comprehensive procedure of professional teeth cleaning. In modern dentistry, the complex of preventive professional cleaning includes an additional effective method – ultrasonic cleaning of teeth.

Ultrasonic cleaning is used to remove hard Tartar, maddening and hard-to-reach subgingival deposits. For this purpose, a special ultrasonic device – ultrasonic scaler-is used. The passage of ultrasound in a liquid medium creates the effect of cavitation, which allows cleaning not only the surface of the teeth, but also hard-to-reach areas, periodontal and root canals.

Without damaging the tooth enamel and gum tissue, the most durable deposits are removed. Ultrasonic cleaning of teeth is a procedure that is completely painless. It is recommended to repeat it every six months or – at least – once a year, depending on the condition of the teeth.

If you are in Odessa and are looking for a good clinic for ultrasonic cleaning, we advise you to contact a private dental clinic b’uteeth, which employs highly qualified specialists – real masters of their craft.

Excellent medical equipment of the clinic and high quality of service are combined with absolutely reasonable prices, as well as professional pre-consultation and individual approach to each patient.

It is worth noting that in the clinic b’uteeth the cost of services and procedures, such as whitening or ultrasonic cleaning of teeth, is much lower than in other dental clinics in Odessa.

If you do not want to postpone the prevention of teeth “for later”, make an appointment or a qualified consultation at the dental clinic b’uteeth, which is located at the address: Odessa, French Boulevard, 1/3 A.

You can also make an appointment or consultation by phone: +380 482 359 360 (landline); +380 63 735 93 60 (mobile phone).

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