Сhildren’s dentistry

Healthy and beautiful teeth will allow your child to go through life with a smile.

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Treatment in sleep

In case of necessity to treat few teeth and the child is not ready, and of course, is afraid, we offer
treatment in sleep.

This allows you to sanitize all teeth in one session
and do not force the child to.

We successfully provide dental care for children with cerebral palsy, Autism, Down Syndrome, etc.

Preventive check-ups are the best protection for children. If the treatment is required, the trust between parents, children and dentists is essential.

Your child is number 1 priority in our office.

Child's tooth injury

If the child is injured, contact the ‘Búteeth’ clinic immediately!
Never throw away a broken tooth or parts of it. Put it in a container
filled with milk.
Be attentive to the health of your children,
Do not delay your visit to the doctor.

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