Treatment of pulpitis in children

A person who is not knowledgeable enough in the field of dentistry, immediately ask a logical question: what is pulpitis? Pulpitis is a rather dangerous disease that can affect not only permanent teeth in adults, but also dairy in children. There is a misconception that, since milk teeth are temporary and short-lived formations, they are not subject to any serious diseases.

Лечение пульпита у детей

But this statement is fundamentally wrong. Tender milk teeth can suffer not only from pulpitis, but also from caries and many other diseases of the teeth. In short, pulpitis is inflammation of the Central part of the tooth. The disease can begin to progress at any age, but most often it bothers kids 4-5 years. The main cause of pulpitis is caries. And caries can occur due to poor hygiene, poor nutrition, low immunity, lack of necessary elements in the body and even heredity. Pulpitis is chronic and acute. Chronic pulpitis in children is much more common. If not treated in time, pulpitis can be dangerous with all sorts of complications in the form of flux, sepsis, periostitis and periodontitis. We must remember that the treatment of pulpitis in children should be timely.

What are the symptoms of pulpitis?

  • Severe pain most often occurs in the evening or at night.
  • The child can barely chew food, complaining of the unpleasant sensation of pain.
  • There may be an unpleasant odor coming from the infected tooth.
  • Enamel color can change significantly and acquire a gray shade.

Also distinguish focal and diffuse pulpitis. With focal pulpitis, heat usually reduces pain, and the cold, on the contrary, increases. With diffuse pulpitis, everything is completely different: the pain increases from the hot, and from the cold – decreases.

Pulpitis in children – a serious disease, which in any case can not be neglected. The main thing is to find it in time. By the way, if pulpitis is not treated in time, it can lead to swelling of the oral mucosa. So it is highly undesirable to delay this.

It has already been mentioned above that pulpitis affects both milk and permanent teeth. Treatment of pulpitis of permanent teeth in children is an even more serious thing, since permanent teeth will remain for life.

Pulpitis of permanent teeth in children is not less common than pulpitis of milk teeth.

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Keep track of your health and remember that health is only in your hands.

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