Why the need for plastic bridles upper lip?

Many people aspire to the ideal. They want to be perfect not only inside but also outside. Although it is said that “the more beautiful a person is on the outside, the more demons he has on the inside”, this is certainly not to be believed. External aesthetics is important for many people, because our appearance is our reputation, our, we can say, business card. And if the person is not satisfied with anything in their own appearance – this is an occasion to change anything.

Lips are one of the most attractive parts of the body, but only if our lips have a pleasant shape and are not too plump or, conversely, too thin. Everyone, of course, has their own tastes and preferences – there are many girls who deliberately increase their lips to look like models from glossy magazines, but there is a natural beauty – really beautiful can only be what is moderate and natural.

But, in addition to beauty, there is also health. Without health, any beauty will be irrelevant. Health is the key to a full and quality life. And if the increase or, conversely, decrease in the lips is made for the purpose of someone’s aesthetic preferences, the plastic of the lip frenulum is carried out for another purpose. Why do I need plastic frenulum of the upper lip? Let’s first look at what is essentially this mysterious frenulum of the upper lip. In fact, everything is simple. The frenulum of the upper lip is a small crease between the jaw and the upper lip.

Пластика ротовой полости Одесса
пластика в Одессе

You can even feel it with your tongue. What is its main task? The frenulum of the upper lip is needed in order to provide a comfortable and easy movement of the lips, as well as to promote the development of proper bite. In addition, the frenulum of the upper lip also affects the facial expression as a whole, smile and manner of speech.

What can happen if the frenulum of the upper lip is too short?

  • In infancy, this can lead to serious problems with feeding, as the child is hard given the process of sucking breast milk.
  • A child with a lack of development of the upper lip frenum may be difficult to chew and swallow food.
  • Many children with this defect have special difficulties with speech.
  • If too short frenulum of the upper lip exposing the teeth roots that while smiling does not look very aesthetically pleasing.
  • Teeth may become too sensitive, as a result of which periodontitis or something like that may develop, dental stones may appear, etc.
  • Teeth become unstable, unpleasant white plaque appears on the teeth.

Plastic frenulum of the upper lip in children is made after a thorough examination by a specialist. This is a fairly serious procedure, so it can be carried out only after the doctor will be a clear diagnosis. Why do you need a lower lip frenulum? The frenulum of the lower lip is an elastic fold that connects the lip with the oral mucosa. It is needed for free movement of the lower lip and normal articulation. There are several types of lower lip defects:

  • total absence of frenulum;
  • the frenulum is too short;
  • the frenulum is too rough, which usually leads to a divergence of teeth, because of what they seem to protrude forward;
  • paired number of bridles;
  • incorrect location of the frenulum.

A significant defect of the lower lip frenulum also requires surgery. This operation is recommended to be carried out in 7-9 years, when the bite is not yet fully formed. The operation is usually performed with a laser. If you want to plastic frenulum of the upper or lower lip was the most successful, we advise you to contact the dental clinic b’uteeth, which is known for its good reputation. If you live in Odessa, a visit to this clinic will be ideal for you if you are looking for a good dentistry with the provision of quality services that have an adequate cost. You can make an appointment right now by calling one of the working numbers (the numbers are listed on the main page of the clinic). It employs highly qualified specialists who provide services of European level and quality at absolutely adequate and reasonable prices. In Odessa, many private dentists, but b’uteeth – it’s just a godsend for people with a fairly modest budget. Call now – you can make an appointment as a consultation, and immediately to the reception, specifying all the details you are interested.

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