Sinus lifting

Sinus-lifting (in other words – osteoplasty) – is quite a difficult surgical procedure designed to build atrophied bone in the upper row of teeth before installing the implant.

To accurately determine whether there is enough bone tissue for the upcoming prosthetics, the patient must necessarily undergo a computer tomography. This is a mandatory stage, the upcoming implantation.


The causes of atrophy of bone tissue

The main reasons why bone tissue can atrophy may be:

  • the last stage of development of any disease, implying sudden destruction of tissues – for example, periodontitis or periodontal disease;
  • inflammation in the gums;
  • cyst or benign tumor in the root of the tooth;
  • too traumatic tooth extraction.

What is osteoplasty?

Osteoplasty is an extremely accurate surgical intervention, which is expressed in drilling a hole in the jaw bone and a small section of the soft tissues of the gums to get to the base of the maxillary sinus. The doctor gently lifts the mucous membrane of the patient, and in the empty space is placed a special substance that accelerates bone growth.

Osteoplasty is probably one of the most difficult operations in all surgical plastics. The operation usually lasts a couple of hours and is mandatory under local anesthesia.

Types of bone regeneration

Closed sinus lifting involves the following nuances:

  • it is very important that the height of the bone is at least 7-8 mm (in the place where the implant should be installed);
  • with closed sinus-lifting there is minimal surgery – no cuts and seams;
  • it is allowed to combine the build-up with the installation of the implant, which will save both time and money;
  • material that replaces the bone should be introduced in the sinus through an opening made for the future of the implant;
  • the rehabilitation period after the procedure of closed sinus lifting usually lasts from several days to a week.

Open sinus lifting is a slightly different procedure, which is expressed in the fact that:

  • open sinus lifting can be done on bones of almost any size;
  • this is a very complex operation, in contrast to the closed sinus lift;
  • artificial bone penetrates through the incision, which is made in the side of the sinus;
  • before placing the implant, it is necessary to wait at least six months for the sutures to be tightened, and the bone tissue has time to increase in volume;
  • the postoperative period lasts at least a month, and then there is a full tissue regeneration, which in total can take up to six months, if not more.

Materials with which you can build up the gum

Such materials may be:

  • artificial materials that are made to order for each patient;
  • donor bone – it can be donated by third parties (it is worth noting that the donor bone is very well accustomed);
  • bone of animal origin – not every patient will decide on the implantation of the animal’s bone, but the animal’s bone also just perfectly takes root;
  • the patient’s own bone – in terms of survival, this is undoubtedly the best option, but a significant disadvantage is that the patient will have to go through two operations almost simultaneously.

Operation sinus-lifting – is, as mentioned above, a very peculiar procedure for which you need to prepare in advance. The cost of this procedure is absolutely acceptable.

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