Tooth root removal

In very many cases, the dentist is approached by people who have destroyed not only the visible part of the tooth, but also its base, that is, the root. If the root of the tooth begins to rot, it should be immediately removed to avoid all kinds of problems in the future.

when do I need to remove the root of the tooth?

tooth root Removal is necessary if:

  • the patient often has severe pulsating pain at the base of the tooth;
  • root base completely destroyed;
  • inflammation detected;
  • there is swelling of the gums.
Удаление зубного корня
Удаление зубного корня

Many patients are afraid of pain, but it is certainly not necessary to worry – removal of the root of the tooth is carried out only with the help of local anesthesia, so that the operation can be said to be almost painless.

In the process of tooth root removal, the following tools are most often used:

  • forceps;
  • drill;
  • Elevator.

the Removal of the roots of the teeth of the upper jaw is best done with tools with straight ends, and the removal of the roots of the teeth of the lower jaw involves the use of beak-like models.

If the roots are too far away, removing them with conventional forceps is not always possible. In this case, doctors use such a tool as an Elevator, acting on the principle of the lever. Elevators are divided into two main types – corner and bayonet. The latter are most often used to remove wisdom teeth – «eights».


  • first, a comprehensive diagnosis of the patient is made – the doctor examines the root of the tooth, as well as the oral cavity. Special attention is usually paid to the condition of the gums to understand whether there is inflammation;
  • after that, the type of anesthesia, which is the most acceptable for the patient, is selected individually;
  • third stage – select method of removal;
  • the

  • before you delete a root, the doctor makes the patient an injection, injecting the anaesthetic;
  • penultimate stage – treatment of oral antiseptics to eliminate the possibility of getting into the body of various infections;
  • the final stage involves suturing, but only if a gum incision has been made.

it is Interesting that after removing the root of the tooth, antibiotics and analgesics are prescribed to the patient.

After surgery, it is advisable to avoid hot, spicy, and too sweet or excessively salty food for 5-6 hours, so as not to cause irritation.

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