Removal of the dental nerve

The dental nerve is also called pulp. What is it? It is a complex anatomical system consisting of many vessels under the tooth enamel. Just the nerve provides sensitivity of the tooth – the tooth reacts to temperature changes, mechanical effects, etc.

When there is a severe toothache that can not be tolerated, the patient turns to the dentist, and the latter often makes a verdict – you need to remove the nerve. After removing the nerve, the tooth loses sensitivity at all. Simply put, he becomes dead because his blood supply is completely cut off.

Удаление зубного нерва
Удаление зубного нерва

In some cases, it is necessary to remove the nerve?

Removal of the nerve of the tooth is recommended if:

  • tooth is seriously injured;
  • the patient is diagnosed with certain diseases – for example, pulpitis;
  • tooth is completely destroyed;
  • planned prosthetics of the tooth.

If you leave the pulp, it can result in all sorts of complications. But when the dentist, for example, puts the patient a dental crown, it does not imply one hundred percent removal of the dental nerve – you can do without it.

That is, before you decide to remove the nerve, you need to weigh everything thoroughly and be sure to consult with your doctor.

Many patients do not dare to remove the nerve due to fear of severe pain. But modern medicine is familiar with a variety of treatments that will not give you the slightest discomfort. In the end, local anesthesia is the real way out of the situation: you will feel only a prick when you are administered painkillers, and after that you will not feel anything at all.

The pulp – the dental nerve – can be removed either completely or partially. The first procedure is called extirpation and the second is called amputation.

Many people are concerned about the wisdom teeth, as they cause pain and bring some discomfort. If you are interested in removing the nerve of wisdom tooth as well as the rest of the teeth, welcome to b’uteeth dental clinic! Here the price for the removal of the nerve of the tooth you will have to afford, and the service and pleasant atmosphere will only please!

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