Tooth extraction under anesthesia

If your dentist recommends that you remove your wisdom teeth because they are broken or incorrectly erupted, don’t panic. No matter how scary the process of tooth extraction may seem, it may not be as frightening as you imagine, of course, if you prefer to remove the tooth under anesthesia.

Удаление зубов под наркозом

Fear or anxiety about dental treatment is common to most people, especially when they are faced with surgical procedures. Tooth extraction under anesthesia occurs with the help of a drug that can relax the patient, thereby helping to cope with discomfort and fear.

The wisdom tooth requires the most complex manipulations. Located at the back of the mouth, most wisdom teeth do not have enough space to erupt properly and are called impacted (9 out of 10 people have at least one such tooth). Removal of impacted tooth is a complex procedure requiring high qualifications. Before choosing the best pain relief option for removal, you and your dentist should discuss the level of your anxiety and the complexity of the procedure itself.

Consider the most common types of anesthesia used today in dentistry.

Application anesthesia involves applying a solution or gel to the surface of the oral mucosa, which has an analgesic effect.

Under the conductor anesthesia means “freezing” large nerve channels. This type of anesthesia allows you to anesthetize a large area, so it is often used in surgical operations, tooth extraction, inflammatory processes.

Type of anesthesia, the drug and the dosage are selected individually depending on the clinical situation, possible pathologies of the patient, on which the price of the service depends.

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