The removal of wisdom teeth

What teeth are called wisdom teeth? The wisdom tooth is the eighth, most recent, tooth in the row. But wisdom teeth are laid in a person not in the womb, but about 4-5 years. Wisdom teeth usually erupt in youth or early youth. Someone first wisdom teeth appear in 15-16 years, and someone – in 25-26. However, in some cases, wisdom teeth do not erupt at all, but doctors do not consider this a pathology, but a completely normal phenomenon.

Удаление зуба мудрости
Удаление зуба мудрости

What do scientists say about this? They are sure that the wisdom teeth are rudiments that are absolutely not needed by the body. Those teeth needed even ancient peoples, so that they can easily chew very hard food. But modern man does not feel any need in this throwback.

Many people wisdom teeth bring a lot of unpleasant symptoms. But the removal of the wisdom tooth is a rather difficult procedure, which requires a thorough approach. In this article we will talk about when it is best without hesitation to get rid of a completely unnecessary rudiment – the tooth of wisdom.

Elimination of wisdom tooth

Wisdom teeth do not bring any benefit and certainly do not have any effect on the attractiveness of the smile, because they are angular and completely invisible to others.

But during the cutting wisdom teeth can bring a lot of pain, and then put pressure on the adjacent teeth.

In some cases, you need to remove the wisdom teeth without the slightest hesitation?

Wisdom tooth extraction is necessary if:

  • the teeth are too close to each other: in this case, the wisdom teeth will move the rest of the teeth to the center, which can lead to their complete deformation, as well as malocclusion;
  • the patient has caries: it is difficult to treat wisdom teeth from caries, as they are in the corner of the oral cavity, and if the caries of one tooth is not cured in time, it can easily “move” to the adjacent teeth;
  • the wisdom tooth has a distorted, deformed shape – for example, it is directed in the other direction, strongly protrudes or too sharp and thus injures the gums and tongue.

How are wisdom teeth removed?

Immediately before the procedure, an x-ray is taken to determine the exact location, as well as the features of the anatomical structure of the “eight”. The operation is mandatory under local anesthesia. But before stabbing painkillers, your doctor should know whether the patient’s Allergy to a specific substance. If the patient does not have any negative reaction to the anesthetic, the doctor removes the tooth, and then, if necessary, sutures to the rehabilitation process proceeded faster. Usually the procedure for the removal of wisdom teeth lasts no more than ten minutes. By the way, the removal of the wisdom tooth in the upper row is easier and faster than the removal of the lower “eight”.

The rehabilitation process

After the tooth is removed, the patient needs to firmly clamp the tampon in the mouth and hold it for at least half an hour. This is done for rapid blood clotting.

Also, after the operation, it is desirable not to eat anything, so as not to accidentally bring any infection.

During rehabilitation it is strictly forbidden to use various types of rinses. With the exception of special solutions that are prescribed by the attending physician.

Also, at least in the first week, the patient is desirable to protect themselves from intense physical activity, as well as “forget” about Smoking and alcohol.

If you are interested in the price of wisdom tooth extraction, it is still quite ambiguous. The price depends on many factors, such as:

  • the location of the clinic;
  • prestige of the clinic;
  • quality of service;
  • qualification of specialists.

B’uteeth – one of the few prestigious clinics, which is just the perfect value for money. In this dentistry there are no inflated prices for services that pleases many customers. The clinic employs good doctors – real professionals who are able to find an individual approach, perhaps, absolutely to each patient.

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