The Implantation

Lack of teeth significantly reduces a person’s quality of life, which is bad for his/her physical and emotional state

The implant not only solves the problem of missing teeth, but also removes the extra load from the neighboring ones, and therefore, saves them.
The experience of doctors and the technical resources of the clinical base with the best implant systems by Straumann (Switzerland) allows to solve any clinical situations with guaranteed success.
Advanced prosthetic technologies ideally make it possible to combine the chewing function with gorgeous aesthetics.

THE POSSIBILITY to restore a lost tooth without affecting the adjacent teeth
Implants allow prosthetics of a completely edentulous jaw with more convenient fixed structures.
New artificial tooth is felt, functioning and looks like a natural healthy tooth.
It has been proven that the long absence of teeth leads to bone atrophy.

Implants allow you to save the jaw bone and to avoid the deformation of the oval face: proper distribution of the load during chewing makes it possible to maintain the level of bone tissue.
The stage of prosthetics on implants is no less important than the skill of the implantologist.The specialists of the clinic have many years of experience in prosthetics on implants.
You will not only smile with pleasure, but also tastefully chew!

We also perform implantation "in a sleep"

We work while you are sleeping!

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