The Implantation

Lack of teeth significantly reduces a person’s quality of life, which is bad for his/her physical and emotional state

Dental implantation is a very popular service that can relieve the patient from constant discomfort, as well as improve the appearance of the dentition. The implant is a small part of the prosthesis that replaces the tooth root. It is, one might say, a pin implanted in bone tissue. The pin is a very strong base, thanks to which the denture is able to withstand almost any load.

Types of implants

They are:

  • radical;
  • lamellar;
  • combined;
  • subperiosteal;
  • there is also a separate category – mini-implants.

Dental implants in Odessa can cost you a perfectly adequate price, the main thing – to know where to go. In Odessa, there are many private dental clinics, but one of the best is considered a dental clinic b’uteeth. In this clinic, a huge variety of services and low prices. If you are interested in implantation of upper or lower teeth, please contact the clinic b’uteeth – here you will love it! You can make an appointment or preliminary consultation by calling +38 0482 359-360.

We also perform implantation "in a sleep"

We work while you are sleeping!

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