The abutment

What is it? The gum shaper is simply an indispensable element in dental prosthetics, as well as implant implantation.

What is it for? Due to it, there is a correct formation of the gum around the prosthesis or implant, which in case of its absence can be subjected to various deformities.

The installation of the gum shaper is mandatory for prosthetics of the front row of teeth – without this simply can not do.

The gum shaper will give not only health, but also a beautiful and aesthetic smile.

This tool has a rather complex design, so its installation is also quite difficult.

Stage of operation

There are six main stages:

  • local anesthesia (an injection in your gums);
  • soft tissue incisions in the area where the gum shaper should be installed;
  • slice of “remnants” of soft tissues;
  • removal of plugs from the prosthesis;
  • mounting the generator directly to the prosthesis;
  • stitches, speeding up the healing.

The cost of installing the gum shaper varies from low to quite high rates – it all depends on the place where you are going to carry out this procedure.

One of the most budget, but high-quality dentists in Odessa is the clinic b’uteeth. You can make an appointment for a preliminary consultation or appointment online right now.

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