The teeth treatment

Caries is a complex, slow current pathological process

With insufficient care for the oral cavity an increase
in the number of cariogenic bacteria is observed and, as a result, it leads to the formation of organic acids that destroy enamel and later deep layers of dentin.

The methods used in the treatment of caries depend on the stage and neglect of the disease. At early stages the therapeutic procedures suggest minimal impact, with medium and deep caries the dentist removes the damaged parts of the tooth, followed by filling and applying, if necessary, the special medical pads.



On the tomogram caries of the teeth were found. Timely treated

Icon is a new technology for caries treatment without a dental drilling machine.

By special tools a solution is applied to the tooth, which seals the carious cavity.

What’s happening ?

  • Bacteria die
  • Carious cavities are sealed
  • Enamel density is restored

Advantages over traditional treatment with dental drilling machine:

  • No pain, no discomfort
  • The treatment takes 20-30 minutes
  • No anesthesia required
  • Recommended for adults and children over 3 years
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