Anesthesia for dental treatment

The main fear in most patients before a visit to the dentist is associated with the pain that they will have to endure. But to avoid pain syndrome, effective anesthesia is used, which temporarily “freezes” the area that will be exposed to any external influence.

Анестезия при лечении зубов
Анестезия при лечении зубов

Anesthesia in the treatment of teeth involves many different types. The main ones are:

  • application – it involves applying anesthetic to the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. It is often made before the injection, so that the patient did not feel anything;
  • infiltration is a full-fledged, but shallow injection. Most often carried out with short-term and simple operations;
  • conductive – the most “serious” anesthesia, which is used in complex and long-term operations.

Local anesthesia is prohibited for patients who have:

  • heart and vascular diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • allergic reaction to specific anesthetics.

If the patient has no negative reaction to certain drugs, anesthesia for tooth extraction is required. In any case, to carry out a full operation without pain medication is simply impossible. The main thing – to know exactly what anesthetics you are strictly contraindicated.

In General, tooth anesthesia is a fairly simple procedure, but it should be done quickly and efficiently.

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