Treatment of caries

Toothache is a very unpleasant phenomenon. Because of what it arises? There can be many reasons. But the main reason is caries. Before you understand what should be the treatment of caries, you need to understand what, in principle, there is caries.

Caries is perhaps the most common disease of the oral cavity. A lot of people suffer from caries. But not all, unfortunately, pay due attention to it, believing that it “will pass”. This approach is fundamentally wrong.

Лечение кариеса
Лечение кариеса в Одессе

Caries is not the norm. And often sharp or aching toothache occurs it is due to caries.

The very first sign of caries is quite simple to recognize – a brownish spot on the surface of the tooth. Over time, the spot may increase in size. Spot – this is, figuratively speaking, the first signal, which is highly undesirable to ignore. If the very fact of the appearance of the spot is left without attention, the pathology will begin to progress, and eventually a hole is formed in the tooth. Bacteria begin to dominate. When the enamel layer is destroyed, caries gradually reaches the pulp – the dental nerve, and this is a very dangerous thing.

Subsequent symptoms of caries are pain in the teeth (most often aching), a painful reaction to hot, cold, and sweet food. Another symptom of caries is bad breath, although in the initial stages this may not be.

When the enamel is noticeably yellow or fades, it also indicates the development of caries. And the sooner you start to fight it, the better.

Dental caries treatment is a step-by-step treatment. If caries struck not one tooth, but several (in some cases – the entire dentition), you need to start small – with the treatment of one tooth, followed by the next.

Much still depends on the stage of the disease. If the initial stage, you can do and home treatment, using calcium and fluoride. But if the caries has moved beyond the formation of brownish spots, here we are talking about a slightly different treatment, which involves the mandatory filling of the tooth. If the caries is deep, it is usually treated in two sets – first, a temporary seal is placed on the damaged tooth, and then – permanent.

To prevent caries, it is necessary to observe the hygiene of the oral cavity, which implies such simple actions as:

  • brushing your teeth in the morning and evening (preferably using a professional medical paste, tooth gel and electric toothbrush, which copes with its main task better than usual);
  • use mouthwash for the oral cavity as a preventive measure (recommended with antibacterial effect);
  • regular visits to the dental office.

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