Treatment of cysts of the tooth

A cyst is a benign tumor, mostly filled with fluid. A benign tumor in any case should not be confused with a malignant one – it does not pose a danger to life, but only if the right course of treatment is prescribed in time. A benign tumor also has the ability to progress, and sometimes it reaches such a large size that it can simply burst, burst – and this is very dangerous for health and can even end with surgery. What are the symptoms of a tooth cyst? How to understand that a cyst formed in the tooth?

Киста зуба

The most common symptoms that serve as a signal

  • The first symptom is an increase in body temperature.
  • The second – swelling of the face in the area of the tooth where the cyst was formed.
  • The third symptom is General weakness, fatigue, exhaustion, apathy.
  • Lymph nodes may also increase, which is noticeable to the naked eye.
  • And, of course, pain in the affected cyst tooth.

Effective treatment

What are the methods of treatment of cysts of the tooth? Treatment can be carried out by surgical intervention (cyst cutting), or standard cleansing of the canal of the patient’s tooth. There are also many other methods of treatment of cysts of the tooth, but the most important thing is to prevent the occurrence of cysts.

The most common causes of tooth cyst

  • Complicated caries, which began to progress rapidly.
  • Incorrect treatment of root canals.
  • Any injuries.
  • Pathological development of the jaw.
  • Infectious diseases of the mouth, nose, or throat.

As you can see, there can be many reasons. Most importantly, the basic rule that applies to the teeth and oral cavity – is, of course, hygiene. Don’t be lazy “extra time” to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth – this way you will get rid of the occurrence of a variety of bacteria and germs that may be harbingers of a serious disease. But if you are not “saved” and you have started to develop a cyst in the tooth (or even if you have at least the slightest suspicion of a cyst), be sure to go to the doctor. Many people wonder: what kind of dentistry to choose? After all, there is a wish that the medical staff was friendly, and that the consultation was competent, and that the prices of services are not “biting»… If your city – Odessa, we recommend you to go to a private dental clinic under the name B ueteeth. This is a very good clinic, characterized by reasonable prices for services. You can make an appointment or consultation right now – you only need to go to the main website of the clinic, where you will find all the information you need, including working phone numbers.

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