Cervical caries

Cervical caries is also called cervical caries. What is this special kind of caries? It differs, first of all, in the fact that it occurs in the neck of the tooth and for a very long time can not remind yourself. That’s what makes him dangerous.

Пришеечный кариес
Пришеечный кариес фото

What can be caused by cervical caries? Its appearance can provoke the following factors:

  • poor oral hygiene;
  • abuse of alcoholic and carbonated beverages, as well as citrus juices and fruits;
  • pregnancy;
  • lack of essential vitamins;
  • diseases of the endocrine system;
  • drug abuse.

The main symptoms that may indicate the presence of cervical caries:

  • change the color of the enamel;
  • excessive sensitivity to external stimuli.

But to self-medicate is certainly not worth it. Contact a specialist to help you and appoint the right course of treatment.

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You can make an appointment or consultation online, specifying your name and phone number – you will be contacted and will clarify all the details over the phone.

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