Temporary filling

What does it mean to install a temporary seal? And for what it, as a matter of fact, is necessary? What are its main functions?

A temporary seal is placed, first of all, in order to “protect” the damaged area of the bare tooth from external influences, including bacteria.

Directly under the seal itself, the attending physician usually puts a medicine aimed at treating the tissues of the tooth, or else applies a special paste that will kill the nerve.

Временная пломба

Temporary filling of the tooth may be fixed in that case:

  • patient has pulpitis or periodontitis;
  • patient suffers from tooth decay;
  • the roots of the tooth are inflamed.

This, of course, is not all the reasons that imply the mandatory installation of a temporary seal.

Modern seals are made of a wide variety of materials – all the names and do not count. The main materials considered karisan, vinoxy, and medical cement.

How many are able to serve temporary filling?

Temporary seals serve in completely different ways – much depends on what specific material they are made of. Another long-term temporary filling is affected, whether there is under it a healing substance. If Yes, then the seal should be removed in a week and put a new one; if not, then you can walk with it longer.

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