Dental treatment during pregnancy

Most women want their pregnancy to proceed without any complications. But, unfortunately, it is during pregnancy that chronic diseases are often aggravated or new ones arise, and this is primarily due to the fact that during pregnancy the immunity of a woman is somewhat reduced.

Problems with the health of the oral cavity and directly with the teeth are no exception and are not uncommon. Pregnant women often suffer from weakened tooth enamel, shaky teeth or inflammation of the gums.

The most important and exciting question for many pregnant women – is it possible to treat teeth during pregnancy? Is it dangerous? No, dental treatment during pregnancy is not dangerous.

Treat teeth in the perinatal period, of course, you can! The main thing is to know in which trimester it is best to see a doctor. If you postpone the problems with the teeth until the birth itself, a small disease can develop into a serious illness. To avoid this, a pregnant woman must visit the dentist and consult with him to avoid all kinds of problems in the future.

The health of a pregnant woman should be monitored almost constantly, so as not to lose sight of anything.

What exactly can a dentist help a pregnant woman?

Even if the expectant mother does not have serious problems with her teeth, a visit to the dentist is still highly desirable. However, it should be noted that in the first trimester (from the beginning of fertilization to 14 weeks) with the treatment of teeth, as well as, indeed, everything else, you need to wait. It was during this period, and mom, and her baby, located in the womb, is extremely sensitive to all external stimuli. Any treatment usually involves taking a variety of medications that a pregnant woman may have an acute reaction to. Therefore, in the first semester it is better to postpone the trip to the dentist.

But in the second trimester of dental examination is simply mandatory. Specifically, during this period, it is best to finally determine the type and methods of treatment. In the second trimester, it is desirable to carry out various preventive dental procedures.

Dental treatment can be postponed to the last trimester, but it is best to implement it in the second.

Very often pregnant gums become inflamed. What could be the reason? Probably, everyone is familiar with such a medical term as “gingivitis of pregnant women”. What is it? Gingivitis is a common inflammation of the gums, which expresses itself in bleeding, soreness and swelling. But gingivitis is only a superficial inflammation of the gums, so it’s certainly not worth panicking. Why are gums inflamed?

Gums can become inflamed due to a number of factors such as:

  • depression of immunity;
  • metabolic disorder;
  • lack of proper hygiene.

Gingivitis is not a dangerous disease, but if it is not cured in time, it can develop into a rather serious disease – periodontitis.

Complete recovery of the gums involves several stages:

  • the first step is to get rid of plaque;
  • the second step is to directly restore the health of the gums, which can be carried out thanks to antibacterial therapy.

Home prevention is also important. It can be carried out, for example, by using therapeutic mouthwashes.

Treatment of gums during pregnancy is undesirable to postpone until the last moment. It is better to consult a doctor immediately so that he prescribes the correct treatment.

Also, many pregnant women are concerned about such a question as tooth extraction during pregnancy. Is this acceptable? It’s not that simple here. The majority of dentists suggest to postpone pregnant tooth extraction in the postnatal period. Tooth extraction is, anyway, a certain stress for the body, and during pregnancy you need to take care of yourself from various stresses and loads. But if a pregnant woman has a pronounced pain syndrome, you can perform the operation. However, it is best to carry out in the second trimester of pregnancy.


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