Straight and beautiful teeth is the dream of many people. After all, not everyone at birth got the perfect smile. Dental abnormalities can be the result of poor heredity, trauma, or improper dental care in childhood. If you clearly see that you have crowded teeth, teeth strongly protrude from the dentition, or there are other disadvantages, it is advisable to visit orthodontist.

Baby Biting Treatment

Orthodontic treatment can be applied from the age of 3 – 4. Incorrect tooth placement is detected quite early and can often be cured by exercises in a playful way (myofunctional gymnastics) or using simple methods such as trainer or functional regulators.

Beautiful, straight teeth for adults

We are able to help patients of any age. It just may take a little more time. Braces or aligners are successfully used for adult teeth aligning. In case of complex occlusal problems the Orthodontic treatment can be followed by Orthognathic operations.

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