Damon braces

Modern dentistry helps people to get the desired smile without experiencing any discomfort. New advanced technology is present in Damon braces.

Брекеты Damon
Брекеты Damon

Damon braces have a unique bite correction system, which is not present in other bracket systems. In many dental clinics, orthodontists have given absolute preference to this system since 2003. This system has many advantages, which is convenient for both the doctor and the patient.

Treatment is much faster and reduces the period of wearing braces for 4-5 months. When installing other braces in some cases, tooth extraction is required, but with Damon braces this is not necessary. In addition, it uses much less additional devices to the bracket system itself, which ensures patient comfort. The owners of Damon self-regulating braces visit the orthodontist’s chair much less often, as the technology allows to perform high-quality work with much less labor and time costs.


Damon braces are of two types – metal and ceramic Damon Q Damon Clear.

For those who appreciate the reliability and ease of use – this is definitely Damon Q (metal version).

Patients who, in addition to ease of use, is also important external presentability, we advise you to pay attention to Damon Clear.

Both systems are used only by highly qualified orthodontists in the dental clinic b’uteeth, which is located in Odessa.

The cost of Damon braces is quite acceptable, as the b’uteeth clinic has very affordable prices. Modern Damon braces will ensure the health of your teeth and the beauty of your smile.

To book an appointment or consultation, you can pre-typing one of the working rooms: +38 0482 359-360; +38 063 7-359-360.

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