Bite correction without braces

Correct bite and smile without braces – it is achievable! Would you like to align your teeth but are not ready to install braces at all? Then you should consider the option of treatment with transparent orthodontic caps.

Прозрачные каппы
Исправление прикуса элайнерами

Orthodontics is not only braces, which everyone knows. Treatment of uneven teeth and malocclusion can be carried out by different removable devices, different designs, which are completely different from braces. To correct the bite in adults without braces, use caps. This is the most modern method of solving problems of uneven teeth and malocclusion without the use of braces.

Caps are transparent aligners that are fixed on the teeth, but are still removable. Most often, the device is removed during brushing and eating. On the recommendation of the manufacturer, the caps should be worn at least 20-22 hours a day. Aligners perfectly cope with increased interdental spaces, correct a small crowding of teeth, as well as simple malocclusion.

прозрачные капы для исправления прикуса

In addition, aligners can be useful in a situation where it is necessary to shift individual teeth, to finish or fix the result of wearing braces.

Caps have many advantages:

  1. Aesthetic appearance.
  2. The enamel of the teeth is not activated, thus reducing the risk of tooth decay, stains and other issues with the hard tissues of the teeth. Also, the Aligner is made without sharp corners that can damage the tissue or gums.
  3. Do not cause allergic reactions.
  4. The cap is easy to remove, which allows you to easily brush your teeth, compared with braces. The system is washed with warm water — plaque can be easily cleaned with a conventional toothbrush.
  5. High-quality materials. Capa long retains a presentable appearance, without wearing out and without changing color.

Before starting any treatment, a plaster cast is made, and then a treatment plan is drawn up. At this stage, it is possible to assume how much time will be required for treatment and determine the cost of all procedures.

According to the finished casts of the upper and lower jaws, the doctor makes a model that takes into account the correction of all irregularities. After that, the caps themselves are made directly. Absolutely the whole process of treatment takes place under the supervision and controlled by a doctor. Worn caps from several months to two years, depending on the complexity of the case.

If You are from Odessa and You are interested in bite correction without braces, then at the dental clinic b’uteeth you can get this service at an affordable price. To book an appointment or consultation, you can pre-typing one of the working rooms: +38 0482 359-360; +38 063 7-359-360.

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