Mouthguards for teeth alignment

Dental cap (another name – Aligner) is a removable plate of transparent color, which is designed for the most effective alignment of the teeth and bite adjustment. Modern mouth guards are made from a special medical silicone. They have the form of a kind of cover for teeth.

Капы для выравнивания зубов
Капы для выравнивания зубов

The main types of dental cap

Caps for alignment of teeth are:

  • usual – made on a special template;
  • individual – they are made specifically for the patient, exactly repeating the shape of his dentition;
  • thermoplastic – a cap-“transformers”: first they need to be lowered into warm water, and only then – put on the dentition.

Malocclusion Burr is a very common practice in the field of orthodontics. An increasing number of people resort to this procedure. Aligners – aligners – are able to solve many of the problems. They are ideal for:

  • correct deformed bite;
  • put in place teeth that stand out from the General dentition;
  • eliminate gaps between teeth.

Malocclusion – this is perhaps one of the most common problems with which patients turn to the orthodontist.

A malformed bite

Types of malformed bite:

  • open bite – in this case, the lower and upper rows simply do not close, which leads to the formation of a gap. Because of this, the patient may have some problems with diction, and the patient may feel discomfort during meals. With an open bite, the man’s mouth seems to be constantly open;
  • cross bite means that the lower jaw does not coincide with the upper jaw, noticeably different from it. People with cross-bite during meals often chew only on one side, which can be very conspicuous. Also, a patient with cross-bite increases the risk of developing various diseases of the oral cavity – from gum problems to periodontitis. In addition, the patient may experience very severe pain at times;
  • class III malocclusion means that the teeth of the man as if bent forward. The presence of mesial bite increases the risk of periodontitis. It is worth noting that patients with mesial malocclusion find it more difficult to align and prosthesis the dentition.

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