Ceramic braces

Each of us wants to be attractive and confident. When talking with someone we can not pay attention to his smile. That is why healthy and beautiful teeth are the key to aesthetic irresistibility. Unfortunately, not everyone was lucky to become the owner of straight teeth and correct bite. Based on statistics, about 80 % of people have similar problems. But do not despair! The modern level of orthodontics allows to correct the wrong position of teeth of any complexity in people of all ages. In dentistry have long found a “panacea” that will help You buy the most coveted smile – braces.

Керамические брекеты

Ceramic braces – one of the types of braces.

Installation of ceramic braces on the teeth is a rather complex process. The patient is made to perform a computer tomography of the teeth ,facial images in profile and full face, as well as taking pictures of the teeth to compare the results in the future. Then they make a plaster model of the jaws. Dentist has perfected a system of correcting the bite, and then sends the patient for professional care and remediation of all teeth. To cure diseases of the teeth and oral cavity before installing the system is extremely necessary, since during treatment they can worsen. Bracket system is installed with the help of a special glue, which is applied to the tooth enamel. Each lock is applied orthodontic cement, which hardens under the influence of ultraviolet rays. On the padlock is fixed by means of ligatures.

The choice of ceramic braces should be approached responsibly. It is also advisable to contact qualified orthodontists who work in the clinic b’uteeth.

They will answer all patients ‘ questions, tell about the advantages and disadvantages of a particular technology and, of course, will hold an individual consultation, so that your treatment will be successful, fast and completely painless.

In addition, the orthodontist will tell you how much are ceramic braces and what is the best option for the price you can choose.

If You are interested in braces, including ceramic braces, do not hesitate and contact the dental clinic b’uteeth, which is located in Odessa.

With our help, You will find a beautiful and smooth teeth, which dreamed of.

To book an appointment or consultation, you can pre-typing one of the working rooms: +38 0482 359-360; +38 063 7-359-360.

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