Lingual braces

Perhaps everyone dreams of an attractive and dazzling smile. But, unfortunately, not all people have healthy, smooth and beautiful teeth. Many have a number of problems with the teeth – caries, malocclusion, yellowness or destruction of teeth, lack of tooth and so on.

If you are concerned about problems with the bite and the shape of the dentition, you can easily fix the situation that worries you. The innovative technology of modern medicine can literally work wonders. Do you want to have smooth and beautiful teeth? – No problem! Orthodontics of the 21st century allows you to do it quickly, efficiently and reliably.

Лингвальные брекеты
Лингвальные брекеты

Bite correction and alignment of the dentition is made by wearing braces. For this purpose, also put the plate, but, however, only in childhood and adolescence, when the teeth are not yet fully formed. The fact is that the plate itself can only prevent emerging problems, but if there is already a certain disease or defect, it will not be able to eliminate it.

On the formed dentition, which the patient wants to correct, only braces are put. Braces perfectly cope with their main task – to align the teeth and/or change the shape of the bite. There are many types of braces, and each type, of course, has its pros and cons. The only disadvantage of most braces is that they are noticeable and strongly evident. But if a child or teenager is not particularly complex about this, for an adult it is already a problem.

The way out is the lingual bracket system. One of its main advantages is invisibility.

Lingual braces are installed on the inside of the dentition. Treatment with their help usually lasts from six months to three years – it all depends on what problem the patient wants to eliminate.

But you need to understand that you need to get used to any orthodontic design – the process of adaptation can take from several weeks to several months. At first, immediately after the installation of braces, the patient may face minor discomfort in the form of pain or problems with diction. But the discomfort will pass sooner or later, the most important thing is the result.

In order to install lingual braces, you need to undergo a comprehensive examination. Braces are installed only on healthy teeth. If the patient has, say, caries, the orthodontist has no right to put him braces. Also, before installing braces, it is desirable to make a comprehensive cleaning of teeth.

Within a couple of months after the installation of lingual braces, the result will be visible. The main thing – to be patient and gradually perform all the actions that will tell you the doctor.

If you are interested in installing lingual braces in Odessa, we advise you to contact the private dentistry b’uteeth. This is a clinic with absolutely reasonable prices, so that treatment will be affordable for almost every patient, no matter what problems he faced. The clinic is staffed by good specialists, real masters of their craft. You can make an appointment or a preliminary consultation online: all you need is to provide your details, such as name and phone number, by which you can be contacted. If you have any additional questions, you can call the office number +38 0482 359-360 – you will be contacted by a consultant and will give you a detailed answer to any of your questions.

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