Metal braces

The metal bracket system is perhaps the most effective way to correct the bite. There are many different types of braces designed for the fastest and most effective alignment of the dentition. But it is metal braces are the most affordable and versatile. Metal braces, in turn, are also divided into subspecies. There are basic criteria for the classification of metal braces, directly related to treatment. The rest of the criteria are only conditional and relate mostly to the design and appearance of braces.

фото металлических брекетов
фото металлических брекетов
Types of metal braces

There are two main types of metal braces:

  • vestibular – they are attached to the outer, i.e. the labial surface of the teeth;
  • lingual – installed in the area of the internal (lingual) tooth surface.

Vestibular braces are much easier to install, as the dentist can see the whole process. Also, the installation of vestibular braces is much cheaper than the installation of lingual. The only disadvantage is that the vestibular braces are very noticeable. And if for children and adolescents it is not a problem, adults still prefer to install lingual braces, which are completely invisible to others. But it is worth noting that lingual braces are much more difficult to care for than vestibular ones. And, as mentioned above, their installation is also quite complex.

Treatment with lingual braces is clearly more expensive. But if aesthetics is extremely important for you, it is still worth installing lingual braces, so that you do not, in principle, be confused by their presence.

Although, it would seem, obvious drawbacks – a clear visibility of vestibular braces can be turned into an advantage. Many patients (for the most part this applies to young people and adolescents) like to walk with colored rubber bands on the braces, which looks in its own cute and funny. Gum can be changed regularly (this is necessary for prevention), each time choosing the color for the mood.

As for the design of metal braces, there are two main types:

  • ligature braces – orthodontic arch of braces is fixed with ligatures;
  • self-ligating braces – orthodontic arch securely fix special “caps”, which are part of the design of the “lock”.

Ligature braces have a simpler and more understandable design. The design of self-ligating braces is much more complicated. Which braces are more reliable and stable is a rather controversial issue: there is no scientific evidence on this issue.

Installation of metal braces is a pretty serious procedure, which should be approached thoroughly and wisely. The main thing – to turn to a good specialist, the quality of which you will be completely satisfied.

Clinic b’uteeth – is one of the best dentists in Odessa with quite reasonable prices for all types of services. The price of metal braces certainly you will have to afford, if you contact us.

Before you put metal braces, you must establish the cause, which is a prerequisite for their installation.

Braces are installed in the case:

  • the patient has a malocclusion;
  • one or more teeth are “out of place»;
  • the curvature of the teeth;
  • asymmetric teeth.

Braces not only treat and align teeth, but also make our smile more beautiful and attractive. No bracket system can cope with this task better than metal braces.

Do you want to have straight teeth and attractive smile? Contact us! You can make an appointment or preliminary consultation at the b’uteeth clinic right now by calling+ 38 0482 359-360.

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