Sapphire braces

A new trend or a real way out?

Sapphire braces are not an ornament, as it may seem at first glance, but a reliable tool for effective treatment and alignment of teeth. In sapphire braces there are actually no precious stones – they are made of reliable ceramics, and their name was due to the brilliance and original structure.

It’s all in the structure of a crystal lattice – at the sapphire braces, the structure of the lattice of the single crystal, unlike conventional ceramic, and, in fact, makes the braces is transparent and gives a glitter effect and barely noticeable flicker.


It is necessary to understand that sapphire braces look advantageous only on white teeth, which do not show plaque or yellowness, otherwise they will be in strong contrast with the natural shade of teeth, which, of course, can not help but catch the eye.

The installation of sapphire brackets means the absolute painlessness. Braces are attached to the teeth with a special medical glue, and then fixed with arcs in the grooves. After that the glue remains are removed from the enamel surface. In General, the whole process takes about two hours on average.

After installing the sapphire bracket system, it is necessary to visit the orthodontist – this is called a planned inspection. Arcs and ligatures need to be changed periodically. Another important caveat – it is desirable to adhere to a diet prescribed by the attending physician. It is necessary to limit the use of products that their consistency can damage the delicate structure of sapphire braces.

If you live in Odessa and are interested in putting sapphire braces, come to a private dental clinic b’uteeth – sure you will like it here. Quality service, low prices and a pleasant atmosphere – all this can be said about this dentistry. You can make an appointment or consultation in advance online.

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