A beautiful, confident smile that opens beautiful teeth is a pleasure.
Aesthetically perfect, white teeth – this is attractive.
This smile speaks of health, enjoying life
and is part of the overall harmonious image of the face.
At the time being, the aesthetic dentistry has many different possibilities to make your smile irresistible!


  • Teeth whitening
  • Veneers
  • Composite restorations
  • Ceramic inlays
  • Full ceramic crown
  • Pink aesthetics

Your smile is not perfect? Using veneers, you can easily fix it!

Veneers are very thin ceramic pads,
which are attached to the front surface of the teeth.
Veneers can be compared with contact lenses.
They can be just as thin and transparent and because of this reason they look so natural.
Fast and reliable way to get the perfect smile!

What veneers can do:

  • To hide gaps between teeth
  • To lengthen short teeth
  • To hide color violation
  • To adjust minor teeth offset

Your smile is good. Your laugh is even better!
Nothing else can emphasize the beauty of teeth as well as healthy pink gums. This is especially important for those who need to speak a lot or who often speaks in public. But, of course, it is also important for all those who likes to laugh loudly and from the heart.

Pink aesthetics has not only optical and hygienic importance, but also the functional one. The point is that healthy gums protect the teeth and make the neck of the teeth less sensitive. Additionally, they are a comfortable and ideal basis for dentures and implants. The harmonious interaction between the teeth and gums is very important in any case. Take advantage of the possibilities of periodontal plastic surgery! Enjoy food and drink for every taste – hot, cold, crunchy, and especially hard.

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