Metal-free ceramics

Recently, metal-free crowns for teeth are becoming increasingly popular. Why? First, it is aesthetically pleasing. Secondly, they look much more natural than, for example, silver or gold crowns. The technology of dental crowns installation, based on metal-free ceramics, appeared at the very end of the last century, but still some twenty-twenty-five years ago it was not so popular as it is now.

безметалловая керамика
безметалловая керамика

By the way, not only crowns, but also dental bridges, veneers, pads and pins are made of ceramics. What else is the advantage of metal-free ceramics? Unlike metal dentures, ceramic can not negatively affect the work of the gastrointestinal tract, moreover, will not be constantly felt is not the most pleasant metallic taste in the mouth. But most importantly – ceramic dentures are indistinguishable from natural teeth! Modern technologies are developed so that allow to produce a ceramic prosthesis of identical color with the rest of the teeth.

What technologies are used in the manufacture of metal-free ceramics?

  • Pressed casting, or press ceramics.
  • Electrotype
  • Computer simulation.

The stages of manufacture of the prosthesis

  1. An exact impression of the jaw.
  2. The scanning of the cast.
  3. Creating a three-dimensional model of the jaw using a computer.
  4. “Building” a virtual prosthesis with the help of a special computer program.
  5. Pre-fabrication of the prosthesis.
безметалловая керамика

Prosthetics with metal-free ceramics is a significant progress compared to what it was a few decades ago. The cost of this procedure depends on who or what provides these services, as well as directly on the size and complexity of the manufacture of the prosthesis.

What should be the care?

After the metal-free prosthesis has been installed, dental and oral care should become more thorough. It is desirable to find a special mouthwash, which not only provide fresh breath, but also fight the emergence of various microbes and bacteria. If you live in Odessa and are looking for a good doctor, welcome to the clinic b’uteeth – here are competent professionals to whom you can make an appointment or consultation right now! All additional information can be found on the main website of the clinic.

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