Partial denture

Few people know what clasp dentures are. Now we will tell you about it.

Clasp denture is a removable construction of artificial teeth that mimic the real ones. To dentures attached imitation gums, and all this is firmly fixed with a thin metal arc, that is, the clasp.

Clasp dentures are installed with visible defects of the teeth and jaw, but they are contraindicated in inflammatory processes in the oral cavity, as well as the absence of supporting teeth, on which the clasp should be attached.


Types of clasp dentures

  • Dentures with clasps. The clammer is an analogue of a metal hook.
  • Dentures on attachments. Attachments are micro locks that are built directly into the tooth itself and are covered with crowns on top.
  • Dentures on telescopic crowns. Telescopic crowns are a special design, part of which is a hollow artificial tooth, and everything else is a support base, the so-called stump, which is ground under the desired shape and covered with metal on top.

What is the advantage of clasp dentures?

  • They look very aesthetically pleasing.
  • Very strong and reliable, able to last a long time.
  • Never cause any diction disorders.
  • They can be worn around the clock and do not worry that they will fall out or start to “move out”.
  • When installing clasp dentures taste preferences do not change, and there is no unpleasant taste in the mouth.

The price of clasp dentures is very different – it all depends on the dentistry in which you apply.

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