Ceramic tab

In some cases, the ceramic insert? It’s simple. The need for a ceramic seal occurs when the usual, standard seal is, simply put, there is nothing to put, but without a crown you can still do.

The crown is placed in the case of complete absence of the tooth, and the ceramic seal can be installed on a dilapidated tooth that needs to be urgently “saved”.

Ceramic tab on the tooth – just the perfect option in terms of aesthetics. Ceramics is superior to all other materials for its aesthetic qualities. Ceramics almost “repeats” the natural enamel of the tooth, which looks as organic and natural as possible.

Керамическая вкладка
Керамическая вкладка

Installation step

The installation of ceramic inlays involves several step-by-step steps:

  • removal of caries (if present) and the scanning of the tooth;
  • sending a dental image to a special laboratory;
  • manufacture of the seal itself;
  • the final stage – the installation of the seal on the tooth!

If you are interested in installing ceramic inlays at a reasonable price, welcome to private dentistry b’uteeth, located in Odessa! Even if you are not a native of Odessa and just came to visit, be sure to visit us. We have quite a wide range of services at low prices, friendly medical staff and care for each of our patients!

By the way, an appointment for a consultation or an appointment is also possible online – you only need to enter your name and phone number, and soon you will be contacted.

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