Ceramic veneer

Perhaps many of us would like to become the owners of the notorious Hollywood smile. But because of heredity, bad habits or other factors, this is impossible, because the teeth are either unpleasant yellow, or are located incorrectly, from which we suffer and complex. Dental clinic b’uteeth, located in Odessa, is ready to provide You with its services, thanks to which you will want to smile more often than usual!

керамические виниры

With the help of ceramic veneers, you can get a snow-white color of the teeth, as well as give an aesthetic form without painful and lengthy procedures. Ceramic veneers – a ceramic lining for teeth, which are used for the manufacture of modern materials. They are transparent and strong – with them the teeth look natural and you can safely smile at all 32. In dentistry, ceramic veneers are considered the most reliable and stable, because they wear out more than 15 years, which means that this is a good investment.

First of all, you need to make an appointment and decide with your doctor with the desired shape and color. After making an appointment, the doctor will correct the enamel layer on Your teeth. Further, according to the procedure, dental models will be made of plaster, and then the dental technician will use the necessary materials to make the lining in the shape and color that You have chosen. Installation of ceramic veneers is carried out using a special composite cement.

If You dream of a radiant, and most importantly – a healthy smile, then we are waiting for you at the dental clinic b’uteeth!

Prices in the clinic are reasonable and adequate.

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