Zirconium dioxide crowns

Modern dentistry has long abandoned the outdated methods of dental prosthetics. Medicine is developing very quickly, so that literally every year there are new and improved methods of treatment.

Oral hygiene is very important, especially if you want to avoid caries and many other diseases associated with teeth.

коронки из диоксида циркония

Crowns on the teeth are installed in case of significant destruction of the tooth. If the tooth is left only the very base, to put the seal meaningless – it does not help. And the crown will simulate a healthy tooth, besides, you will not constantly feel her tongue as a seal. Of course, the installation of the crown is more expensive than the installation of the seal, because this process takes much longer, but also provides a long-term result

Dental crowns are different, they are made of a variety of materials, but one of the best and most durable is zirconium dioxide.

Dental crowns made of zirconium dioxide are aesthetic, reliable and durable. The price of a crown of zirconium dioxide on average varies from 14 to 25 thousand hryvnia. Of course, you have to pay for the quality. But not overpay!

Together with the clinic b’uteeth, located in Odessa, you will be able to efficiently install a crown of zirconium dioxide without extra charges and overpayments. This dental clinic employs good professionals who are able to provide the client with quality advice on a particular issue. Make an appointment right now by calling one of the work numbers. All information is on the website.

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