Ceramic crowns

Probably, everyone has heard about dentures made of metal ceramics, but there are also prostheses made entirely of ceramics. Do you know what the history of ceramic dentures is? Long ago, in 1728, the French dentist Pierre Foshar invented an original and innovative method of dental treatment. What he thought? And here is that: spoiled teeth he covered with a special cap made of gold, and then applied a thin porcelain layer. The ground froze it was a very good a dental prosthesis, durable and reliable. Anyway, thanks Pierre Fusaro in dentistry began to be used practice the installation of the crown as such.

Керамическая коронка

What is crown? A crown is an artificial tooth that imitates a real one. Crowns are installed with almost complete destruction of the tooth. If the tooth is slightly damaged, for example, on the tooth formed a small chip or microfracture – then set the seal; but if the tooth, for example, there was only one small piece, put the seal is simply useless, because it will not give any results.

Dental crown is reliable, beautiful and aesthetically pleasing! But aesthetics in the first place will depend on what material the patient prefers. Once, fifty years ago, it was fashionable to walk with metal – gold and silver – crowns, but then the fashion changed, and now “Shine on all 32” is clearly not relevant. Now in Vogue naturalness and naturalness – the easier, the better. Beauty – in simplicity, but not in pretentiousness. Therefore, if you want to correct the condition of your teeth, and look at the same time modern and relevant – make a choice in favor of ceramics or cermets.

Ceramics is a very high quality material, but it is more expensive than metal ceramics. The cost of a ceramic crown for a tooth is different everywhere – it all depends on which dental clinic you are applying to. Dental clinic b’uteeth, located in Odessa, has a very good reputation and has many positive reviews; in addition, the clinic has a very wide range of services with low cost. Go to the main website of the institution and make an appointment or a preliminary consultation. You’re welcome!

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