Stump tabs

First, you should understand what is a cultural tab. The stump tab is either a collapsible or undivided special design that is installed directly into the dental canal. It consists of a stump and pin. A crown is placed on top of it. Installation of the stump tab is a rather complicated procedure, which should be approached wisely. Stump inlay will need, above all, to the crown of the tooth was resilient. Therefore, it is also necessary to take into account the fact of what material the stump tab is made of.

Культевые вкладки

The best materials for the production of stump tabs

Ceramics. Ceramic dentures are perhaps the most aesthetic, but unfortunately they are not strong enough. But, in any case, if the load on the prosthesis is not too strong, ceramics can last 10 and 15 years.

Non-precious materials. There is a so-called cobalt-chromium alloy – it is the most durable, so it is ideal for lateral teeth, which constantly have to “face” with enormous loads. The only significant disadvantage of non-precious materials – they can react very badly to people who have a tendency to allergies.

Precious material. Silver or gold dentures look a little strange these days, but, whatever it was, the precious material – it’s just a salvation for Allergy sufferers. In addition, this particular kind of material dentures for a long time does not rust and maintains its original appearance.

Zirconium dioxide. Perhaps this is the most modern type of dentures. This material is more expensive than the previous ones, but there is something to pay for, because zirconium dioxide does not have any disadvantages at all. Dental inlay made of zirconium dioxide, and looks beautiful, and durable, and reliable, and does not cause rejection by the body of Allergy sufferers.

In order to determine which stump tab to put on the front or chewing tooth, it is advisable to consult a doctor. I don’t know what dentist to contact?

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