Metal-ceramic crowns

Are you thinking about installing a metal-ceramic crown? Do you know why this material has a lot of advantages compared to others? Cermet is an alloy of various metals (iron, zinc, Nickel, etc.) with non-metals (ceramics).

металлокерамическая колонка

Properties of cermets

  • high level of strength
  • heat resistance
  • durability
  • anti-corrosion properties

Why this material is preferable to the other?

First, you should start with the fact that it looks much more aesthetic than any other material. Even if you compare metal-ceramic dentures with metal, in terms of aesthetics, the second, of course, clearly lose the first. Now walk with gold or silver crowns on the teeth – bad manners. And metal-ceramic prostheses look as natural as possible, and sometimes it is even difficult to understand whether it is a prosthesis or a real tooth. Secondly, they do not cause any reaction in allergic people, which is also important. Yes, metal-ceramic products are considered hypoallergenic. Third, they can last a very long time, but, however, with one condition. Still, you need to take into account the properties of ceramics – it is quite fragile. But if your crowns are not constantly under pressure, they will last for decades. If you do not know which crowns to give preference – put metal! This is a good and reliable material from which excellent dentures are obtained.

Metal-ceramic crown is the best choice.

By the way, another nice bonus. In addition to all of the above positive properties, cermet has another advantage. The metal-ceramic crown is able to completely simulate the color of real teeth, so that the prosthesis is not noticeable. Alas, this property has only cermets. You can install a metal-ceramic crown on a tooth for an inexpensive price in the dental clinic b’ueteeth, which is located in Odessa. This is an excellent private dentistry, where excellent doctors work, and the prices for services are very low and will be affordable, perhaps, for everyone. The cost of services here is really low – come and see for yourself! You can make an appointment for a consultation or an appointment right now by calling the office number +38 0482 359-360.

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