Nylon denture

Every year modern medicine progresses more and more. Various innovations are gradually replacing old and proven methods not because it is newer, but because it is more efficient.

In place of the usual removable dentures came flexible nylon dentures, which almost immediately gained popularity and demand.

Нейлоновые протезы
Нейлоновые протезы

Nylon dentures have a lot of advantages! Among them are:

  • there are no metal structures in the structure of flexible dentures that can randomly damage the gums;
  • flexible prostheses are almost impossible to break, which prolongs their service life;
  • they are comfortable to wear and also convenient to take off;
  • they are almost not felt in the mouth, unlike plastic, so wearing them almost does not cause any discomfort and almost does not violate the diction;
  • flexible dentures are much easier and easier to get used to.

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You can make an appointment or consultation right now online. Leave a request on the website, indicating your name and contact phone number.

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