Prosthetic dentistry

Why do people prosthetics teeth? What are they for and what is meant by prosthetics in principle? Prosthetics is the replacement of damaged teeth with special structures, that is, piece teeth. Often dentures are installed in case of loss of their own teeth.

Протезирование зубов

Over the past decade, the field of dentistry has developed so quickly that modern dentures are very difficult to distinguish from real teeth. The time of gold or silver crowns is long gone – naturalness and naturalness are in fashion now.

Dentures are able to revive damaged teeth, eliminating chips and microcracks, as well as to form a bite and make teeth smoother.

Dentures can be both removable and non-removable. Fixed much more convenient and natural look, but they are more expensive.

Modern prosthetics for an inexpensive price is possible if you contact the wonderful clinic b’uteeth, located in Odessa.

It employs qualified professionals who take care of each patient, choosing for his treatment with a comprehensive preliminary diagnosis and individual characteristics of the body.

You can make an appointment or consultation right now!

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