Temporary crown

A temporary crown on the tooth is an alternative for some time constant, while the latter is in the process of manufacturing.

Temporary crowns perform the following functions:

  • protect the dental nerve;
  • prevent shifting or deformation of the treated teeth;
  • prevent overgrowth of the gums;
  • correct bite;
  • extend the performance and endurance of teeth;
  • preserve the aesthetic appearance of the dentition.

And this is not all the functions that the installation of a temporary crown performs.

Временные коронки
Временные коронки

Many people wonder how much you can wear temporary crowns. The answer is very simple – as much as will be made permanent crowns. It usually takes from a few weeks to several months.

Temporary crowns are fixed with special medical cement. This material is able to dissolve under the influence of saliva.

The basic methods of making temporary crowns

There are two main ways – direct and indirect. With direct installation, prostheses are made directly in the patient’s oral cavity.

Materials of temporary crowns

Usually temporary crowns are made of plastic – this is the most budget option. Expensive crowns are made of acrylic, but acrylic crowns are not all can afford.

Remove the temporary crown is very easy and simple. After some time, the cement becomes loose, so remove it will not be difficult.

By the way, at night, as well as during the meal, it is desirable to remove the temporary crown. They are usually stored in a glass of ordinary water.

Care for temporary crowns

Yes, temporary crowns need care. What does it consist of? First, dentists recommend at the time to abandon the adhesive or too hard food. Secondly, you need to brush your teeth very carefully to prevent premature loss of the crown. Third, it is desirable to slightly reduce the consumption of coffee, as well as to reduce the number of cigarettes (if you smoke).

Temporary crowns should be cleaned and protected from excessive physical activity.

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