Removable denture

Often people lose their teeth at a relatively early age. The health of teeth is influenced by many factors, such as genetic predisposition, the General state of immunity, quality of food, hygiene, etc.

But, given the possibilities of modern medicine, tooth loss is not a serious problem. The lost tooth can be easily replaced with a prosthesis, which by many criteria will even exceed the real tooth.

Съёмные зубные протезы
Съёмные зубные протезы

Many people prefer to put veneers, crowns or implants. But removable dentures, like it or not, remain relevant. What is their demand?

Modern removable dentures have a very attractive and, most importantly, natural appearance, so it is quite difficult to distinguish them from real teeth.

The main advantages of modern removable dentures:

  • they are easy to put on and take off;
  • they are relatively inexpensive;
  • fast set-up;
  • developed to order.

Types of removable dentures

Removable dental prosthetics involves two main types – a full removable prosthesis and a partially removable option. The second type of prosthetics is used when the patient needs to replace only a few teeth. The first option looks more aesthetically pleasing – a full removable prosthesis.

Relatively recently, the medical market has a new concept – soft prostheses, which immediately interested potential buyers. Even some twenty years ago and it was difficult to imagine that prostheses will ever be made of silicone or nylon. This was simply unthinkable! But soft dentures are a real breakthrough in the field of modern orthodontics. Their essential advantage consists, first of all, that they do not RUB teeth and a gum, unlike habitual firm artificial limbs.

But, whatever it was, to any prosthesis you need to adapt, in other words – to get used to. At first, there may be problems such as minor problems with diction, intense saliva production or changes in taste preferences. But over time, the discomfort will be eliminated. The most important thing is health. Both external and internal.

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