Dental veneers

Veneers are thin ceramic plates that replace the outer layer of the teeth. They correct the shape and color of the teeth, as well as reliably protect the teeth from the external environment. Their ultimate goal is that after some time after the installation of veneers teeth begin to recover and gain strength.

Зубные виниры
Зубные виниры

There are many myths about veneers that need to be debunked. There is an opinion that the tooth spoils and rots under the veneer. This is absolutely not true. In fact, the tooth spoils not from the inside, but from the outside, and the reason for this is the unfavorable microflora in the oral cavity. And adverse microflora in the mouth can create numerous factors, such as Smoking, excessive consumption of products containing dyes, as well as alcohol, neglect of hygiene, etc. Veneer, on the contrary, protects the tooth from the external environment, and there can not penetrate bacteria and microbes in any way. An exception to the rule can be only if you put a veneer on a tooth that is affected by caries – then Yes, the tooth can begin to deteriorate even faster. In this situation, you need to rely on the attending physician – a good doctor knows that veneers damaged by caries teeth are not put in any case. First you need to cure your teeth, and only then – to install veneers.

Veneers are difficult to care for. It is a myth. No additional care veneers do not require, the main thing – to adhere to the basic requirements, such as basic home hygiene, professional cleaning of teeth every six months and a scheduled examination at the dentist. Veneers can change color over time, becoming grayish or pale yellow. This is absolutely not so. Veneers are made of a material that is not exposed to “coloring” products such as, for example, black coffee. Veneers will remain snow-white for a long time. They can only deform due to cracks.

Зубные виниры
Зубные виниры

Before installing the veneer deteriorate and deform their own teeth. We hasten to please you – this is an absolute myth. Yes, before installing the veneer teeth will have to be slightly treated. “Slightly” is the key word. In order to install the veneer, it is necessary to cut approximately 0.1-0.3 of the upper layer of enamel. The teeth themselves will not be damaged or deformed. For each patient veneers are installed individually, based on the impressions of the outlines of the teeth. Veneers are attached directly to the tooth enamel.

Advantages of veneers

  1. They are durable and able to serve for decades.
  2. Veneers are almost invisible.
  3. They have hypoallergenic properties.
  4. Very resistant to a variety of dyes: you can not worry that your dentures suddenly darken from coffee or acquire some strange shade from the abuse of products containing a variety of dyes.

If you decide to install veneers on your teeth, do not hesitate and make an appointment or consultation in private dentistry b’ueteeth! You can put veneers on your teeth at a low cost, turning to one of the best specialists in the city of Odessa! Go to the main website of the clinic, get acquainted with the range of services and prices. We’re waiting!

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