Dental inlays

Do you know this phrase? Most people who have ever visited a dentist know what dental crowns, dental bridges and, of course, dental fillings are. But dental inlays are a new concept. Or is it just not at the hearing? Now we will understand.

Зубные вкладки
Зубные вкладки

Dental inlay is essentially the same seal, only large and massive. However, its main difference from the seal is that it is made not in the patient’s mouth, but separately in the laboratory, and the basis for the manufacture of dental inlays are individual casts.

The tooth tab is used to restore the damaged part of the tooth that needs to be resuscitated. But dental inlays are installed only with minor damage to the tooth. If the tooth is already almost completely destroyed, there is simply no sense to put the tab – then only the crown will save.

Зубные вкладки

What is the difference between dental inlays and veneers?

Dental inlays

  • installed on all teeth
  • usually attached to the teeth performing chewing function
  • designed to restore the normal functioning of the teeth
  • the most common material is ceramics


  • used only for the restoration of the anterior wall of the teeth
  • fixed in front, invisible when smiling
  • have mainly aesthetic purpose, as well as micro-prosthetics
  • they are usually made of materials such as ceramics + zirconium oxide

Full restoration of the tooth by the tab is possible if you approach this issue seriously and thoroughly. The first thing to do – is to find a good dentist who will suit you in all respects. Many good dentists in the Odessa clinic b’uteeth. So if you live in Odessa and are looking for a good private dentistry – contact the clinic b’uteeth! We are sure that you will like it here. You can make an appointment or consultation right now. Call + 38 0482 359-360.

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