The acute pain

Modern pharmaceuticals offers a huge number of painkillers.

We usually take “painkillers” to get rid of the discomfort caused by the feeling of pain for a while. But it is necessary to remember that pain is a signal of the nervous system, a warning of the body about a disease or injury, including toothache.

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It can occur due to cracks in the teeth, poorly sealed tooth, exposing dentin – porous tooth tissue, caries, pulpitis (inflammation of the internal tissues of the tooth), periodontitis (inflammatory disease of the tissues around the tooth), etc. Pain under the influence of stimuli during eating, spontaneous, constant aching or sharp, pulsating acute tooth pain can be alleviated at home. But, even if the pain has stopped, the infectious and inflammatory process continues, which leads to serious consequences and complications (abscess, phlegmon, periodontitis, osteomyelitis).  Therefore, in case of acute toothache, you should contact a professional dentist.

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