Teeth whitening

Shining, confident smile can open any doors. Do you want to have a shining white smile?

Using various methods of we can whiten your teeth with noticeable results
within a very short period of time – gently and permanently.
Professional whitening
under the supervision of a dentist is absolutely safe –
this fact is proven scientifically.

Tired of YELLOW teeths?
Heard about whitening but did not dare?
Cold whitening BEYOND is for you!
Effectively! Brightening up to 12 shades!

• Fast – only 30 minutes
• Comfort – perfect anatomical chair
• No pain, no discomfort
• Guaranteed result up to 2 years

Pre-requisites for successful whitening procedure:


  • Careful preliminary examination by a specialist
  • Treatment of all carious teeth
  • Old fillings replacement
Consultation appointment

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