Bleeding gums

If the gums are healthy, they basically will not bleed. From this it follows that bleeding gums is the first inflammatory sign that can not be ignored and avoided.

What kind of healthy gums have? First, they have a dense, not loose, structure; secondly, they have the appropriate color – pale pink, no reddish tint there should not be; well, and thirdly, healthy gums never hurt.

Кровоточивость дёсен
Кровоточивость дёсен

When the gums begin to bleed, it is almost always accompanied by pain syndrome. Because of this, many people stop how to clean their teeth, so as not to injure the damaged gums, touching them with a toothbrush. But this is a fundamentally wrong decision. If you do not pay due attention to hygiene, it leads to the formation of various bacteria and microbes that provoke a variety of diseases that are sometimes very difficult to cure.

Therefore, if you have pain and bleeding gums – do not postpone the trip to the dentist! Inflammation should be treated immediately. But self-treatment is not an option, only a specialist can prescribe the correct course of treatment, who will conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of the patient and determine the true cause of symptoms.

What could be bleeding gums?

Below are the main causes that provoke bleeding gums:

  • the presence of dental stones. How tooth stones can be associated with what are bleeding gums? Here everything is quite simple. What is the nature of dental stones? Tartar is a common plaque on the teeth, which eventually grows and becomes thicker, turning into a full-fledged stone. Plaque is full of bacteria. Bacteria provoke such an insidious disease like gingivitis. And bleeding gums – one of the first symptoms of the disease;
  • mechanical damage;
  • lack of vitamins, which are so needed by the human body. Very often, with a deficiency of vitamins, the walls of the vessels begin to thin – because of this, in fact, there is bleeding;
  • diabetes – this disease directly affects the state of the structure of the gums;
  • incorrect installation of dentures.

These are not all possible causes that can provoke bleeding gums. But, in any case, if the gums are bleeding – this is the first “signal” that should alert you.

No, you should not be afraid in any case. The main thing – time to see a doctor who will prescribe you the correct course of treatment.

Treatment of bleeding gums is often associated with strengthening the immune system. So do not be surprised if the dentist will send you to the therapist to the last to prescribe you vitamins.

If you are interested in the treatment of bleeding gums in Odessa, we invite you to the dental clinic b’uteeth. There are low prices for services, pleasant staff and new modern equipment.

You can make an appointment or consultation online. Waiting for you!

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