Fistula on the gums

How to recognize it? And what is its danger? The fistula on the gum is also called the gingival fistula. It has the form of a small hole in the gums, through which pus flows from the inflamed focus. In most cases, the fistula is formed on the upper base of the tooth.

Figuratively speaking, the fistula is a kind of channel connecting the site of inflammation and the outer side.

The very appearance of the fistula already indicates that purulent inflammation was formed in the soft or bone tissues. And it certainly can not be delayed.


When there is a fistula on the gum of the tooth, do not postpone a visit to the dentist.

Let’s look at the main symptoms that precede the formation of fistula:

  • pain in the inflamed area;
  • noticeable swelling of the gums;
  • sudden disappearance of edema (this is due to the release of pus from the gums);
  • sometimes there is an increased body temperature;
  • a diseased tooth may be in a mobile state;
  • affected gums turn red.

But the symptoms don’t tell us anything yet. To begin the correct treatment, it is necessary to understand the causes of this disease.

The main reasons for the appearance of fistula are usually attributed:

  • running caries. He often provokes a disease such as pulpitis. And pulpitis often develops into periodontitis. The nerve of the tooth itself dies, but an infection occurs in the area of the inflamed site. Thus appears the fistula is a natural outlet for the pus which has accumulated inside;
  • inflammation of the cyst. It is insidious in that it reminds itself from time to time or very rarely. It may not imply any strong pain or obvious discomfort. But if the cyst is not treated, an inflammatory process can begin, which can provoke the formation of pus;
  • unnatural eruption of wisdom tooth or milk tooth (in children). Yes, sometimes teeth are cut very painfully, which often leads to inflammation of the gums. When the gum is inflamed, it also increases in size. A strongly enlarged gums begins to “press” on the teeth and injure them, which can lead to the accumulation of pus inside;
  • poor-quality sealing is another common cause of fistula. If the tooth is poorly sealed, it provides absolutely all the conditions for the beginning of the inflammatory process. The infection, which appeared in the place of filling, gradually begins to spread further, reaching the top of the tooth.

But there are more General, abstract reasons, which sometimes can also provoke the formation of fistula. These include:

  • reduced immunity;
  • severe overheating or hypothermia of the whole body;
  • frequent fatigue or stress.

But, be that as it may, to avoid serious problems in the future, fistulas need to be eliminated, and as soon as possible.

Treatment of fistula on the gums is, first of all, to eliminate the infectious focus.

First, the patient needs to go to the dentist and undergo a comprehensive examination. If the doctor finds a fistula, the specialist should open the inflamed canal. In addition, you need to take an x-ray to determine the presence or absence of a cyst. If the cyst is present, the doctor eliminates the cyst and then securely seals the affected tooth.

Another important caveat – if the inflammation has gone too far and the tooth can not be treated, it is immediately removed.

But that’s not all. To prevent the formation of fistula in the future, the patient should undergo a special therapy, which consists primarily in rinsing the oral cavity with special therapeutic solutions and using a professional toothpaste and/or gel, which have antibacterial properties.

Sometimes the doctor prescribes antibiotics.

If you or your friends are faced with this problem, we invite you to an appointment or preliminary consultation in a private professional dentistry b’uteeth, located in Odessa. The clinic has a very good reputation both among native inhabitants of Odessa, and among visitors who decided to stay a little in this solar resort city.

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