Restoration of teeth

You are not satisfied with the shape and color of your teeth, the gaps between them, cracks and chips?.. In addition to embarrassment and stiffness when communicating with other people, the injured tooth you probably also delivers a strong physical discomfort.

To say goodbye to this problem forever, you should contact a professional dentist and undergo a procedure such as tooth restoration.

Реставрация зубов
Реставрация зубов

Most often, patients resort to the restoration of the front teeth, because the front teeth are always in sight and highly visible to others.

Tooth restoration is a procedure that involves restoring the appearance of teeth. For this purpose, durable and reliable materials are used. Restoration of the front teeth and General restoration, in addition to the aesthetic component, brings practical benefits. After all, careful chewing healthy teeth of different types of food promotes proper digestion, which affects the overall condition of the body.

In addition to the above reasons, the procedure of restoration of teeth is necessary in order to restore the damaged tooth as a result of grinding, caries, etc.

There are several methods to restore teeth:

  • art restoration;
  • installation of dental crowns;
  • bridge prosthesis (implantation).

Artistic restoration is used in the presence of cracks in the tooth enamel, chipping, discoloration and defects after treatment. The method of direct artistic restoration is carried out directly in the oral cavity on the day of the visit. Composite materials containing inorganic and organic substances are used, which in the process of processing and modeling of the tooth undergo polymerization, in other words – hardening. Modern composite materials have high strength and aesthetic appearance.

Indirect – laboratory – method involves the use of ceramic veneers (facing ceramic plates 0.2 mm thick), repeating the surface and the natural shape of the tooth, which are attached to the outer surface of the tooth.

Composite veneers are installed by layering composite filling material or laboratory method. After artistic restoration, the tooth acquires strength and maximum naturalness.

The dental crown is installed in the case of serious destruction of the tooth surface, in the case of improper location or a fundamental defect. The crown is made in the form of a copy of the tooth from various materials.

Crowns are of the following types:

  • metal (they are considered obsolete);
  • metal-plastic;
  • metal-ceramic;
  • metal-free.

The crown is installed on the remaining sharpened tooth. In case of strong destruction of the remaining tooth is strengthened by pins or artificial copings.

If the tooth is completely missing, one way is to install a bridge prosthesis, which is attached to at least three crowns, of which two extreme hold on to the existing teeth. There is also a way to install a crown on a titanium implant, which is fixed in the bone, gradually fusing with it.

Of course, all these procedures involve a high level of qualification, quality of equipment and materials. High-quality and at the same time budget restoration of teeth in Odessa is possible! The price of dental restoration varies from reasonable to high prices, the main thing is to know where to go.

If you are interested in dental restoration in Odessa, please contact one of the best dental clinics – clinic b’uteeth! In addition to highly qualified specialists, quality imported equipment, service and treatment at the clinic b’uteeth is a decent attitude to patients and low prices. Modern technologies and materials used in Odessa dentistry b’uteeth, make the passage of procedures painless. Patient care is the main principle, which holds clinic B uteeth.

You can make an appointment or consultation online, specifying your name and contact phone number, where you can be contacted.

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