Artistic restoration of teeth

To restore the healthy appearance and shape of teeth in modern dentistry practiced artistic restoration of teeth. This is a method that allows you to simulate the tooth surface with the help of special materials, correcting their appearance in case of congenital disorders, and also eliminates them from all kinds of consequences of diseases, injuries and changes in the color of the enamel.

Artistic restoration of the front teeth, or aesthetic restoration of teeth – a procedure that minimizes the process of grinding the tooth, in contrast to the installation of the crown, and reduces the number of visits to the dentist, thereby saving time and financial costs of the patient.

Usually practiced two main methods of artistic restoration of teeth – direct and indirect (in other words – laboratory).

The advantage of direct tooth restoration is that it is carried out directly in the oral cavity. If there are minor defects, you can restore the tooth without anesthesia. In case of more significant injuries, a new generation of anesthetic is used, which is practically safe. For artistic restoration of the integrity of the tooth, composite materials with high strength, biological compatibility, naturalness, a wide range of colors and the effect of imitation of natural tooth tissues are used. On the treated surface of the damaged tooth, the dentist applies the material, modeling the shape and anatomical structure of the new tooth pattern. In the process, the applied composite undergoes polymerization, resulting in a new form of the tooth hardens. After checking the restored area – fit, grinding (or polishing) is carried out, after which the tooth surface becomes smooth, shiny and natural appearance.

Indirect tooth restoration is a procedure that consists in the manufacture and installation of so-called veneers. Veneer is a ceramic facing plate that maximally imitates the surface, color and shape of the teeth. For the manufacture of individual veneers, the surface of the teeth is treated and the cast is removed. Further, the laboratory produces veneers of pressed ceramics of a new generation, which has amazing strength and fineness. Already finished veneers are attached to the front surface of the teeth with a cementing agent.

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